Executive Search

SearchingThis approach is more often employed for board level, senior management or highly specialist appointments where potential candidates possess visibility and a profile that can be viably targeted. Search is also a useful tool in circumstances that require anonymity to protect commercial sensitivities.

We employ specialist researchers who possess a unique blend of commercial experience, imagination, creativity and analytical dexterity, which means that we do get results – often where others have failed.

Our Search process is characterised by eight phases.

  • Initial reconnaissance and consultation with clients to define the extent of the role and the strategic mapping process
  • A specific search universe is drawn up and agreed with the client
  • Research is then undertaken to identify suitable candidates, and these are then made known to the client to ensure that conflicts of interest do not occur
  • A direct, confidential approach is then made to assess initial interest and career expectations
  • Extensive interviews with candidates to evaluate in detail the competencies, interest level and cultural fit of each
  • Short list submission of objective biographic and career reports, which include the results of psychometric profiling
  • Offering our advice, and acting as intermediaries at the offer stage, and in the positioning of an appropriate compensation and benefits structure
  • Detailed checking of references, focusing on the verification of employment details, specific achievements and past performance